Seven Points to Help Your Site Survive the Silly Season!

I know – it’s only November! But the silly season will come round mighty fast and before we know it we will be elbow deep in late night shopping, festive functions, and social media on steroids. I have put together a list of seven ways to keep your website ahead of the game these holidays.

  1. PAUSE

Take a minute to sit with your thoughts and breathe for a bit. Reflecting on where you are vs where you began is an important way to stay connected to your journey and get the best results from your efforts.


Make a list of all the things you want to accomplish in the following few weeks. Keep it simple so as not to get overwhelmed. For each task think about what steps are required to achieve the goal, and whether it is an absolute must for this time of year. Sometimes we get too hung up on things that no-one else would even notice.


Begin to gather up any material you may need to complete your tasks. Do you need to do some research and gather information? Do you need to take photos? Do you need any physical materials for making more product or gifts? Having them all to hand before you begin will reduce delays and distractions.


Set up a schedule of social media posts to go out automatically. This is the key tip to manage work load and chaotic schedules over the year. Link the posts to your website and focus on the results you want – are there particular products you wish to push? Is there any relevant information your followers could use at this time? How often you publish social media posts really depends on your business style, and the attention span of your followers.


Read over what you have written, check for spelling and grammatical errors. Go over your website again and check for anything that looks dated, tired, boring or out of place. I don’t suggest massive overhaul at this time of year, but it is good practice to regularly check things over and see if there are changes you might want to put in place after the new year.


Get involved in your community. Crazy coming from someone who prefers to be head down in her computer – but truly there is no better way to really promote who you are and what you are trying to accomplish than by getting out and interacting with people. For the most part people are kind and interested. If you are also kind and interested and make an effort then society improves, business improves, the economy improves and we all win!

7. Party

I am a great believer in celebrating the wins. If we don’t stop from time to time and celebrate our successes (however small they may feel) then really – why even bother? And when better then at the end of the year to mark all we have accomplished. Progress isn’t always in a forward trajectory either – so even if you have only made a step sideways or have been pushed back a bit – this is still going to be teaching you something about how you do business, or what your limits are, or how you are placed in your industry. Reflect on your lessons and then revel in your results.

Happy Holidays!

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