Kim gave my whole Sugarlane Cakes website a makeover, well actually pretty much built it from scratch again, and did the most amazing job on it!

Sharlayne ~ Sugarlane Cakes



Completed Projects:

Sheepish Designs NZ


Isabel needed a platform to showcase her gorgeous and special hand-spun yarn and I had a lovely time working on this with her. I got to play with taking some product photos (a skill I am just beginning to develop and will get into more depth with this next year when I study the diploma in digital photography) and we will be updating as and when needed to keep things fresh and functional.

NOOZ – Mosgiel, New Zealand


This was my biggest project to date! A large product catalogue, using professional photographs, with full e-commerce solutions and integrated email marketing. This is an ongoing project, as I have been retained to keep things up to date and ticking over smoothly. Nice to keep some day to day hands on input, and a great team to work with as well!

NOOZ Online Pop-Up Shop

screenshot of www.noozpopupshop.co.nz

This has been a really fun project! Suz wanted a website that popped up and down much like her NOOZ clothing shops ‘Pop-up’ in various towns around NZ. This meant I could play with settings and password protection and all kinds of different aspects not normally required in a standard website. The online pop-up site is set to return on a schedule, so we added a timer to the password page showing her customers just how much longer they had to wait. This different type of site format means the content is super fresh and turns over something new every time it goes live. A really interesting project to work on!

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My name is Kimberley Salmond McKechie. I am a self-confessed computer nerd based in Gore, New Zealand. My career path is rather eclectic. I have a strong background in retail and customer service. I used to grow plants for sale at local markets. I have experience running markets and events. And for the last 5 years I have spent some considerable amount of time researching website design, and playing around with different website builders and formats. Most recently, I have begun to learn how to write code to be able to customise builds more efficiently.

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Kimberley Salmond McKechie

e: info@website-assist.co.nz

ph: +64212804819